February 2016

A scrub a day keeps rough skin away

KahlBeads 2178P, 2811P and 7625P

Adding exfoliation to a skin care routine encourages the skin to shed dead cells naturally, revealing healthier, fresher, and smoother skin. However, formulating natural facial scrubs requires a mild, sustainable, and biodegradable exfoliating agent. Natural grains, salt or sugar crystals, milled shells or kernels usually have sharp edges that are effective but can irritate skin.

With KahlBeads it is possible to create formulations that are gentle enough for daily use, even for sensitive skin types. The tiny beads are rounded and roll over the skin without scratching. These non-abrasive beads smoothly polish the skin.

KahlBeads are truly natural, sustainable, and biodegradable. The white KahlBeads 2178P are made of hydrogenated Castor Oil; KahlWax 2811P are pale colored beads made of Rice Bran Wax; and the yellowish KahlBeads 7625P, composed of carnauba and beeswax. The latter one is also available as organic grade.

While all three grades work smoothly in emulsified systems only the 2811P Rice Bran Beads are perfectly stable and inert in transparent surfactant systems. The other beads start melting at lower temperatures and are easier to emulsify; this can lead to cloudiness.

A TEWL (transepidermal water loss) analysis has been performed to demonstrate the influence of the exfoliating agent. Areas on the inner forearms of 20 volunteers were treated once daily for three weeks with a) water, b) surfactant solution, c) same solution with 5% KahlBeads, d) and with 5% walnut shells. As the KahlBeads do not harm the skin's surface TEWL was only very slightly elevated. The regular use of walnut shells abrasives increased TEWL significantly, leaving skin red and irritated.

KahlBeads are an effective smoothing and exfoliation agent that make skin glowing and radiant; they are gentle enough to use daily.


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