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October 2016

Sustainability is the whole ball of wax

2811 Rice Bran Wax and 6607L Sunflower Seed Wax

In general sustainability is composed of three pillars: environment, economy, and society. For example, the pillar "ecological sustainability" describes the careful handling of natural resources in order to maintain our planet for future generations. This includes climate protection, preservation of biodiversity, and the maintenance of the...> More
June 2016

The glossy madness lipstick formula

Lipstick with 5723 Araucaria Resin

Lipstick formulations need to perform well, as consumers expect a smooth and non-greasy feel which has to last for hours. Additionally the product must provide a brilliant color with good coverage and an excellent payoff. A high amount of pigments often dry out the sensitive skin of the lips, so the challenge is to keep them deep-moisturized. The...> More
May 2016

The natural choice for a dazzling gloss

Araucaria resins

KahlWax's brand new product group – the Araucaria resins – are the ideal gloss enhancer for color cosmetic and hair care products. Besides their superior performance, also regarding transfer resistance, they have almost no taste. They are available in natural quality and blended with organic sunflower oil even in food quality (5720). The...> More
April 2016

It's all about the functionality

6723 Shorea Robusta Resin + Octyldodecanol:

Natural, high-viscosity, transparent film former, providing transfer resistance and gloss. Ingredients: Shorea Robusta Resin, Octyldodecanol Download the Product of the month sheet. Ask for a sample today: samples(at) > More
February 2016

A scrub a day keeps rough skin away

KahlBeads 2178P, 2811P and 7625P

Adding exfoliation to a skin care routine encourages the skin to shed dead cells naturally, revealing healthier, fresher, and smoother skin. However, formulating natural facial scrubs requires a mild, sustainable, and biodegradable exfoliating agent. Natural grains, salt or sugar crystals, milled shells or kernels usually have sharp edges that are...> More