Our products

Natural waxes are particularly high-quality waxes that are playing an increasingly important role in cosmetic applications and sustainably manufactured final products.

KahlWax delivers a wide range of waxes for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, candles and polish/household industries, as well as for specialty wax businesses. We deliver waxes in various product shapes, such as pellets, flakes, prills, powders, emulsions and slabs.

Additionally we offer products such as acrylic film formers, plasticizers, leveling agents and opacifiers.

What makes KahlWax products so unique is the manufacturing process used – the physical enhancement of the products – and how they are refined. Our specialties, for instance, include L-quality Carnauba and Candelilla waxes, which are especially filtered and specially purified for highly sophisticated, premium applications.

Providing each market with just the right wax in just the right form is especially important to us. Our product line includes finely dispersed, highly concentrated wax emulsions that are nevertheless low in viscosity and, as such, pourable, yielding highly satisfactory films. Not only can these emulsions be easily integrated into our clients’ final products – they also reduce customers’ energy consumption and, in so doing, contribute to a more sustainable energy balance.