KahlWax offers a wide variety of high-quality products used in decorative cosmetics and in skin-care and hair-care products.

This means our products not only have to deliver the sensory characteristics demanded for cosmetics – they also have to be especially stable. The outstanding properties of what are referred to as the 2nd generation of modern waxes – rice bran wax, berry wax, shellac wax and sunflower wax – play a key role here: they lend products their unique consistency, and their smooth textures feel particularly good on the skin. Berry wax and sunflower wax are KahlWax specialties unlike any others on the market.

Our Kahl emulsions are extraordinarily well suited for water-based hairstyling products and sunscreen products. In both cases the films formed by the waxes result in unique product characteristics.

KahlWax is also winning over clients with its high-quality, user-friendly solutions for depilatory waxes.