February 22, 2013

Pure, natural, sustainable

New Organic KahlWaxes

KahlWax will be at in-cosmetics 2013 (April 16-18, 2013) to present three new products that satisfy the growing demand for organic ingredients. The new organic portfolio includes a petroleum jelly replacement, a certified organic myrica fruit wax and a white organic beeswax. KahlWax will also be presenting a versatile new rice-bran wax that can be used to lend consistency to oil gels such as lipsticks, hair wax and mascara.

Kahl OrganicJelly 7236
Kahl OrganicJelly 7236 is a petroleum jelly replacement based on natural, organic certified raw materials. This semi-transparent, stable, homogeneous jelly is easy to emulsify, exhibits outstanding compatibility with polar emollients, and leaves the skin feeling soft. The new product will also win over customers because of its excellent blending properties in lipstick formulations. Kahl OrganicJelly 7236 can be used in all kinds of skin and hair care products in which petroleum jelly has been used up to now.

KahlWax 6279 (organic myrica fruit wax)
KahlWax 6279 is obtained from the fruits of the Myrica cerifera plant. Like carnauba wax, myrica fruit wax combines a low melting point with exceptional hardness. It reduces the stickiness of cosmetic products, stabilizes lipsticks, has outstandig spreading characteristics, and exhibits excellent styling properties in hair gels. Its spicy, slightly balsamic fragrance also makes it suitable for use as a natural, vegan perfume.

Organic KahlWax 8138 bleached (white organic beeswax)
Organic KahlWax 8138 bleached is refined from crude organic beeswax from the honeycombs of the Apis mellifera honeybee, and sourced exclusively from beekeepers who are certified by an EU-registered or EU-approved organization. Mild processing using only physical cleaning and filtration technology ensures that the precious components of the honey will be preserved in their natural form. This new type of wax is physically bleached according to ECOCERT regulations without any chemical treatment. Organic KahlWax 8138 bleached adds value and appeal to cosmetic products such as hair cream, day creams, lotions, lipsticks and mascara - without causing white creams to yellow.

KahlWax 2811 (rice bran wax)
KahlWax 2811 is a slightly yellow, natural ester wax extracted from rice bran. Similar to carnauba wax, rice wax has a high melting point. Its high crystallinity and the typical oil-binding capacity this produces make KahlWax 2811 well-suited for enhancing the consistency of oil gels such as lipsticks, hair wax and mascara. Thanks to its characteristic oil-binding properties, KahlWax 2811 is particularly suitable for soft oil gels. When combined with beeswax, it lends gloss to lipsticks and makes them able to withstand high temperatures. Addition of rice wax allows W/O emulsions to go on comfortably, leaving the skin feeling soft with no stickines. When combined with berry wax (KahlWax 6290), rice wax resembles beeswax, resulting in an ideal vegetable-based "beeswax" for vegan products.

You will find KahlWax at in-cosmetics 2013, booth P41.