Commitment to Quality

1) Customer satisfaction

Our top priority is to ensure complete and absolute customer satisfaction. We believe in maintaining close contact with our customers so that we can anticipate their demands and wishes, respond flexibly and offer innovative solutions.  Our forward-looking purchasing strategy, production planning and inventory holding  provides the foundation for our continuous ability to deliver swiftly, for the consistent characteristics of our products, and gives our customers planning security.

2) Product quality

High-quality products are the basis for our success. Compliance with current directives and regulations is a decisive aspect. However, we also believe that the quality of our services is just as important as our product quality. Dependability and a strict adherence to deadlines apply in all our international processes. Each department is a supplier and a customer for the other departments in our company.

3) Product safety

We work with the HACCP approach and apply Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout our operations to guarantee that all our products are completely safe to use.

4) Constant improvement

By using suitable control tools we ensure that we learn from any errors that may occur and use the insight gained this way to further enhance and optimise our processes.
The continual development of our QM system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 helps us to improve our operational processes and so lastingly maintain and build our enterprise’s ability to compete.

5) Responsibility for our staff

Our employees are the pillars on which our business processes rest. We know that we can only enduringly comply with the highest standards if we have well-informed, motivated,  skilled, competent and responsible employees. We communicate our quality standards to our staff and provide additional training in order to maintain high standards within our company. A cooperative working environment forms the basis for the implementation of our vision.